On the way to Thomas Hauser’s workshop already you may experience a transformation of a special kind. During the short stroll through the old Viennese house and through the picturesque garden, the everyday bustle of the city fades away leaving an atmosphere of peace and contemplation, allowing for a mood in which one might take notice of the essential and embark on a jewelry adventure.

Awaiting you in the workshop, along with a view to the park: Thomas Hauser, his studio, selected pieces from his collection to savor and inspire, and – the most important of all – a thorough, informal talk, that devotes attention to your personal wishes and requests.

Whether it’s a custom gift for someone special or an alteration to a cherished piece of jewelry: Thomas Hauser will draft the details of the work with you step by step, according of course to your budget requirements.

Although ATELIER ALLURE manufactures bespoke jewelry, such valuable treasures need not be prohibitively expensive. For budgets both large and small, Thomas Hauser will forge the optimum out of it.

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