Central yet secluded is the home base of the goldsmith from ATELIER ALLURE. In one of the last surviving “salettl,” a century old historic summer home, Thomas Hauser found the ideal ambience for his workshop and an ideal place for the creative process.

The silence of an unexpectedly spacious and wild courtyard in the midst of the clamor of the big city is a space for contemplation that seems to have fallen out of time—one where concentration on the essential becomes possible once again.

Originating from this garden-sanctuary home turned workshop are not only objects of jewelry. Customers also come here in order to receive advice, make contact, be inspired, and to be presented with options. The consultation with the customer is conducted together with the jewelry maker and finally results in an individually tailor-made shape unique to the individual.

Thomas Hauser: “For me, jewelry is a figurative expression of personality. By interacting with private customers I learn their habits and wishes. Then I show what is possible with my materials and ideas.

Once we have found the optimal piece of jewelry, I begin with the production. Thus the individualized design process is for me just as much a part of the product as the object itself. Whether in the shop or off the shelf you get a beautiful piece of jewelry suited to your taste. In my studio, you receive a unique specimen according to your wishes. Each piece represents the whole of my work”.

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